Rent Vehicle

A full driver’s license is always required and in some locations, an International Driving Permit may be necessary. After searching for a car in your desired location and with your dates, you can check the provider’s Rental Conditions for more information. When using an International Driving Permit, you also need to carry your local driver’s license. Neither a printed copy nor a mobile scan of the license will be accepted.


An additional driver needs to have a valid license that meets the same requirements as those for the main driver. All rules that apply to the main driver also apply to an additional driver.

Click the red text that says Rental Conditions and a new tab will open that provides this information in detail.

The rental conditions will also be sent to you with your voucher after the rental is confirmed by the provider.

The best way to find the answer to this question is to correctly enter your age when searching for a rental car on our website. When you search for a car on our website, you can also find the information in the Rental Conditions.

Usually, drivers must be between 30 and 65 years old. If you are either younger than 30 or older than 65, we strongly recommend checking the rental conditions to make sure that you will be allowed to rent a car or find out if there will be additional charges.

Remember that it is very important to select the driver’s age prior to searching. If you do not, you might be offered cars that will, in fact, be unavailable to you because of age restrictions.

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You can add extras on the booking page after you have selected your rental car. It is important to remember that extras are subject to availability at the time of pick-up. In most cases, they will be available, but occasionally, they may not be. You can also choose to add extras if they are available when picking up the car.

For our customers, the most popular extras are GPS, baby seats, child seats, and booster seats. 

Yes, it is usually possible to upgrade the car you have booked. You can either upgrade your car in advance by contacting Customer Support team, in which case they will send you information on the available classes and pricing, or you can upgrade upon arriving at the rental desk, in which case the provider will let you know the costs and availability.


When paying at pick-up, you will have to pay in the local currency of the country where the car rental office is located. Keep in mind that exchange rates fluctuate from day to day, so the amount charged on the day of your pick-up might be slightly higher or lower than the one listed on your Voucher. If you pay using a credit card denominated in a different currency than the one in the country where you pick up the car, you may be subject to currency conversion fees from your bank.

You are required to pay for any optional equipment when you pick up the car. If the optional equipment is added on our website, the exact cost of it will be shown on your voucher. Because the car provider takes payment directly for any optional equipment you choose, we, unfortunately, can not guarantee that they will have what you request available.


Most of our partners only accept credit cards. So, unfortunately, if you are trying to pay with a debit card, it is highly probable that your payment will be declined.

Your payment will also be declined if your credit card doesn’t have sufficient funds, has expired, doesn’t allow a deposit, has a daily limit or if other types of restrictions are in place.